Hearing the call

The Enforcer is an automated protocol inside the ancient vessel. These images are meant to be viewed in succession. If I had a better computer, I’d really love to animate this scene.


Little Duck, big spirit


Another character portrait. This is Jennifer Worthy, aka Kweh-kweh, which means “Little Duck.” A 14-year-old freshman at Lincoln High, Kweh-kweh is known for her incredible singing voice. Her Grandpa often teases that Kweh-kweh is Lucy, while her BFFs Twitch and Moose are her Ethels, whatever that means. It’s like old people speak a different language or something.

Young protagonist


Finally got around to doing a simple portrait of Arthur for the story.

A brief bio: Arthur Chavez, 15, sophomore at Lincoln High School in Coquille Junction. Grandson of Professor Joseph Worthy and “kissing cousin” of Jennifer Worthy (aka Kweh-kweh). Arthur is very scientifically inclined and has a sharp mind, but is also a talented violinist. He struggles with aspects of his tribe’s heritage, the prominence it gives to stories of monsters and spirits, and his responsibility to promote his culture, which had been nearly wiped out by the shadow of manifest destiny. He is trying to understand his place in the 21st century as a young Indian man growing up in a high-tech world that for all its advances is still filled with prejudice.

Here Arthur is caught in a brief candid moment before he and his cousin Jimmy undergo a ritual blessing and purification as part of undertaking their first spirit quest.


Dread guardian


Felt inspired last night to create a mechanized suit that could figure in the third act. This is one of those “maybe yes/maybe no” ideas I occasionally come up with. Even if it doesn’t get into the final story, I think the picture’s kind of cool looking.

On another topic, I’m working on editing the first draft of Book One and about to start writing Book Two. The initial plan is for the first novel to have three “books” (I guess I just don’t like “chapters”), so I’ve got a ways to go. The first book is around 150 pages, and I still want to add a few things. So, maybe 500 or so pages when done? The illustrations are going in no particular order. Some of them are way ahead of where the written story is and are effectively becoming my laboratory for trying out new ideas.

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Camping with Eddy

Eddy’s idea of helicopter parenting involves an actual helicopter. After sending off Arthur and Jimmy to their respective spirit quest campsites, Eddy and Kweh-kweh enjoy the outdoors at the secret location in the heart of tribal lands.


Family time

The Worthy family have a light lunch to celebrate Eddy’s visit while on medical leave. Grandpa sits at the head of the table, listening to one of Eddy’s stories about his time in Afghanistan. Arthur and Jennifer are deep in conversation with each other, which leaves Jimmy the perfect opportunity to snatch his sister’s french roll.

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Mysteries in the Sky

Just a quick couple of shots. After these, I promise I’ll get back to the real work on Earth. Just wanted to share pictures of a trio of recently spotted strange objects in the skies of Earthbound: The Quantum Grail.

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